Monday, August 29, 2005

Study and Training go hand in hand.

You ever see those guys you just know are smart? They're thin, maybe even sickly, have glasses and all that jazz. Ok, maybe I'm stereotyping too much. But, what I'm trying to do is drive home a point. We spend all this time training our minds and expanding our thought processes, only to have our bodies die on us prematurely. Think about it! Why not care for your body through a good diet and exercise? It will make sure that the precious brain that we all strive to increase in capacity has all the nutrients it needs and, plus, since the body is the warehouse of the brain, why not strengthen it to make sure your place of perception doesn't get bashed up so easily? The body and the brain are a partnership of forces, so DON'T treat them like they're separate! That's all for today. I'm busy keeping my body and mind in sync. :)